Outtakes 9.09

by Rick Outzen CHANGE COMES HARD I’m not sure that change is harder in Pensacola, but it surely seems so. For decades, a benevolent aristocracy took care of the town. White men met in offices behind closed doors and decided what needed to be done. A spokesman or front man was chosen and the public […]

Winners & Losers 9.09

Winners BASKERVILLE-DONOVAN, INC. The Pensacola-based engineering firm was recently awarded the 2010 NAACP Pensacola Industry Award. BDI was selected for this award due to its lengthy partnership with the NAACP Pensacola branch in supporting youth and education through the annual student engineering scholarship. In the words of Mr. McCorvey, “Baskerville-Donovan has committed itself to our […]

Rant & Rave 9.2.10

BOYCOTT LOCAL BUSINESSES Having lived downtown for the better part of my 28 years, I’ve become very familiar with the problems that have hindered our poor community from reaching its potential. Every week, countless articles are published decrying the lack of opportunities for young people and lack of progress in downtown development. Each year, scores […]

Outtakes 9.2.10

BP BETRAYAL The day after the Aug. 24 primary, I stood in the middle of a throng of 250 laid-off oil response workers. It was a blistering hot day on the unforgiving asphalt parking lot at the Fort Pickens gate on Pensacola Beach. The parking lot had been the staging area for Houston-based contractor Plant […]

Winners & Losers 9.2.10

Winners KAREN SINDEL The rookie candidate fell just 152 votes short of beating incumbent Escambia County Commissioner Gene Valentino. With little money or name recognition, Sindel received more votes than State Rep. Dave Murzin and former County Administrator George Touart. Nice guys and gals might not always finish first, but they don’t finish last. JIM […]

Outtakes: Outzen Political Machine

by Rick Outzen Politics are so serious in Pensacola. There is always someone trying to dig up dirt on the opposition. There was a time when campaigning wasn’t so cutthroat. My father was an election commissioner for Washington County, Miss. The first time my dad ran, all four of the older boys worked the polls. […]