2020 Rising Stars

A critical part of our community’s progress is the retention of young talent. Since the inception of our weekly newspaper, we’ve accepted this premise and worked to create an environment that would help those under the age of 40 prosper. We recognized that too many of our best and brightest were leaving Escambia and Santa […]

Why Whitney is ‘Forever Turned Around’

By Savannah Evanoff It’s a Tuesday afternoon and Max Kakacek has all sorts of plans. He might check out the Andy Warhol exhibit at The Art Institute of Chicago. He might catch a showing “1917” with his parents. Or he might even hit another Bulls basketball game—which are apparently a bargain these days. “They’re terrible,” […]

Unmasking Human Trafficking in Northwest Florida

A Local Summit Hopes to Raise Awareness During Human Trafficking Awareness Month By Savannah Evanoff Alicia Tappan once didn’t know she was a victim of human trafficking. How would she? The definition is an ambiguous one. It’s been dramatized on TV, left unidentified by law enforcement, misconstrued by the public and—too often—ignored. “I knew something […]

Year in Preview

By Savannah Evanoff and Joani Delezen Out with the old; in with the new. That’s how we are starting this new decade, and we hope you are, too. Because let’s face it, 2019 was kind of a mess. Sure, there were some bright moments—like Lizzo saving our collective souls and the U.S. Women’s soccer team’s […]

Year in Review 2019

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably experiencing a combination of seasonal stress and year-end fatigue right about now. It makes sense, too, because 2019 has been a long, hard year—so hard, in fact, some of you might not even want to rehash it. Luckily for you, we went ahead and did the homework for […]