Outtakes: Trump Tango

By Rick Outzen For the past three years, we have noticed a new dance step coming out of the nation’s capital. The dance is more popular than the Macarena, Floss or Orange Justice, and it’s one that white males have little difficulty performing unless they’re wearing white hoods. Before you start, you must dye your […]

Gang rivalry claims another life

The News Journal’s Colin Warren-Hicks today reports on how a gang rivalry has been behind 22 shooting over the past two years. Sources have shared with the Inweekly that the Saturday, Aug. 31 shooting that left James “Duke” Beasley, 26, dead in a backyard on West Gadsden Street was related to the gang conflict. The […]

Rebuilding City Government

By Rick Outzen On Monday, the Mayoral Transition Team handed its report to Mayor Grover Robinson. On the eve of report’s release, Inweekly sat down with City Administrator Chris Holley to discuss what he has learned after delving into the city operations over the past three months. Mayor Robinson has tasked Holley with helping him […]

Outtakes – First 100 Days

By Rick Outzen In our May 5, 2011 cover story, “Hayward’s First 100 Days,” we compared newly-elected Mayor Ashton Hayward with Mayor Joe Riley of Charleston, S.C., and former Mobile, Ala., Mayor Mike Dow. We had no previous strong Pensacola mayors to use as yardsticks. Now we do. His successor, Grover Robinson, hit his 100th […]

Rising Stars Reunion Survey

Inweekly sent out a survey to the Rising Stars to find out where they are now and what are their thoughts on the changes in the Pensacola area? Read the replies. You can sort them by names or questions.