News of the Weird 11/14/19

By the Editors at Andrews McMeel CREME DE LA WEIRD Doctors at West- mead Hospital in Sydney, Australia, documented a case in the British Medical Journal’s Case Reports that has at least one nose out of joint. A 48-year-old former prison inmate had been suffering from sinus infections, nasal congestion and headaches for years, United […]

Best Obtainable Version of the Truth

By Rick Outzen At the Fall Mass Torts Made Perfect conference, investigative reporter and author Carl Bernstein gave the keynote address at the award luncheon. The biannual event is the largest gathering of plaintiff mass tort attorneys and has been hosted by the Levin Papantonio law firm since 2000. In 1972, Bernstein teamed with Bob […]

Outtakes: Not A Safe Hideout

By Rick Outzen Over the centuries, Escambia County has been the favorite hideout for criminals, cast-offs and other scoundrels. A recent arrest reminded me of this dubious distinction that no one wants on any billboard. Late Thursday night, a man alleged to have a connection to the disappearance of Lee County community college student Aniah […]

Outtakes: Trump Tango

By Rick Outzen For the past three years, we have noticed a new dance step coming out of the nation’s capital. The dance is more popular than the Macarena, Floss or Orange Justice, and it’s one that white males have little difficulty performing unless they’re wearing white hoods. Before you start, you must dye your […]

Gang rivalry claims another life

The News Journal’s Colin Warren-Hicks today reports on how a gang rivalry has been behind 22 shooting over the past two years. Sources have shared with the Inweekly that the Saturday, Aug. 31 shooting that left James “Duke” Beasley, 26, dead in a backyard on West Gadsden Street was related to the gang conflict. The […]