Outtakes: Unequal Access

By Rick Outzen Early Friday morning, a poor, young black mother of three died in her home. With friends and family present, she finally succumbed to brain cancer. She had no insurance and couldn’t afford the medical care that might have extended her life. At a recent PYP event, Mark Faulkner, the president and CEO […]

Free Will Astrology – 1/30/20

By Rob Brezsny Week of January 30 ARIES (March 21-April 19): My favorite ancient Greek philosopher was the rascal Diogenes. As a joke, he carried around a lantern during the daytime, proclaiming, “I am just looking for an honest man.” When Alexander the Great, the most powerful man in the world, came to meet Diogenes […]

News of the Weird – 1/30/20

By the editors of Andrews McMeel WEIRD SCIENCE On Jan. 22, the National Weather Service expanded its cold-weather warnings in South Florida to include falling iguanas along with falling temperatures. According to the Associated Press, the NWS alerted folks that the reptiles can become stunned by the cold and fall from their perches in trees. […]

Why Whitney is ‘Forever Turned Around’

By Savannah Evanoff It’s a Tuesday afternoon and Max Kakacek has all sorts of plans. He might check out the Andy Warhol exhibit at The Art Institute of Chicago. He might catch a showing “1917” with his parents. Or he might even hit another Bulls basketball game—which are apparently a bargain these days. “They’re terrible,” […]

Marcille: Experience to Do the job

By Rick Outzen Last week, State Attorney Bill Eddins called to say that he had decided not to run for a fifth term in 2020. “It’s been the high honor of my life to serve as a state attorney for the people of the First Judicial Circuit,” Eddins told Inweekly. The state of Florida has […]