Winners & Losers 7/11/19

Winners Robert Bender Beachgoers didn’t have to pay the $1 Bob Sikes toll to Pensacola Beach over the Fourth of July holiday weekend. District 4 Commissioner Bender announced on the eve of the holiday that he would utilize District 4 discretionary funds to pay the toll from midnight Thursday, July 4, to 11:59 p.m. Sunday, […]

Buzz: Dry Dreams, Jail Deaths

Dry Dreams It’s fun to imagine about the future. Citizens were given that opportunity on Jan. 22 at a joint city-county public workshop at Sanders Beach-Corinne Jones Resource Center on stormwater management within the Pensacola Bay Basin. Three dozen citizens met with city and county officials and were asked to consider various flood mitigation options […]

The Buzz 1/15/15

Wedgewood Wants More The residents of Wedgewood weren’t much interested in the stricter ordinances being proposed to regulate borrow pits and construction & debris landfills. No, they made it clear during the three-hour public comment portion of the Jan. 7 meeting at the Marie Young Community Center that they want the Rolling Hills C&D facility […]

Outtakes—Suffering Continues

Willie Lawrence, a World War II and Korean War veteran, was out of breath when walked up to the podium, as was Lafanette Soles-Woods when she also took the same long steps from her seat in the Escambia County Commission chambers to the microphone.  Ms. Soles-Woods, a fellow veteran, is a 12-year survivor of breast […]

A Shame Before God

Wedgewood Seeks Environmental Justice By Rick Outzen The residents of Wedgewood are upset. They are tired of being sick. They are tired of seeing their loved ones and neighbors die of cancer, renal failure and other illnesses. They are tired of living under the shadow of a 130-foot mound of debris with its dust and […]