Outtakes 11.11

TRANSITION IS HARD The transition of leadership for any community is difficult, but it seems to be particularly difficult in Northwest Florida. Up until recently, elected officials were rarely successfully challenged in elections. Incumbents seldom lost. In fact, the easiest path to political office was to be appointed. Mike Wiggins, Ronald Townsend and John Jerralds […]

On The Hot Seat

Pensacola Mayoral Candidates Answer Tough Questions by Rick Outzen The two candidates for the mayor of Pensacola are very likeable. Both are handsome. Both are good in one-on-one conversations. However, they are very different people. Mike Wiggins is the veteran incumbent. He is part of the Pensacola “Rat Pack,” which has included over the years […]

Best Of Old School Vs. New School

Pensacola Is Changing, For Better Or Worse By IN STAFF There is a changing of the guard in Pensacola. Over the past four years, we lost many of our movers and shakers of the past century. Vince Whibbs Sr., Jack Fetterman, M.J. Menge and Leroy Boyd. Their successors—Buzz Ritchie, Mike Wiggins, Mort O’Sullivan and Jim […]

The Buzz 10.21

SECOND BAYFRONT SUNDAY Councilwoman Megan Pratt reminded citizens on her blog that the second Bayfront Sunday will be held Oct. 24. Bayfront Parkway between Chase and Tarragona streets will be open to pedestrian and bicycle traffic from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pratt wrote, “This is a great opportunity to enjoy our beautiful waterfront and […]

The Buzz 10.14

Mack Joins Team Wiggins City Councilwoman and former mayoral candidate Diane Mack gave Mike Wiggins her stamp of approval for the November election. Mack said that there were four things she looked for a successful mayor: strength of character, knowledge of how cities work, work ethic, fiscal conservatism, vision and a plan for Pensacola and […]