When the Right to Vote Goes Wrong

by Jeremy Morrison America’s journey towards a more perfect democracy has been a long, purposeful march. The path has been steep and bloody. Even today, the destination remains illusive on that shrouded mountaintop. From the onset, of course, our democracy was not an all-inclusive game. It was a sport for white, property-owning males. Over the […]

Outtakes 5/26/11

TRICKLE DOWN TAXATION The federal and state governments are cutting their spending, which should make every taxpayer happy. Congress and our state legislature can boast about how they have fought their bureaucracies and reduced the size of government. What isn’t mentioned in the press releases and their speeches is that many of the cuts are […]

Outtakes 5/12/11

FIXING ELECTIONS Voting is the foundation of our representative democracy. People maintain the power in our political system when they vote. All the campaign dollars in the world can’t put a politician into office, only the ballot box can. Voters frighten those in power, because voters can’t be controlled. The Florida election process has run […]


MAKES NICE PROFIT ON $73 MILLION INVESTMENT By Walker Holmes Gov. Rick Scott announced today that he has sold Florida to the Koch brothers. Residents across the state have 60 days to vacate their properties or sign lease agreements with Koch Industries, the second largest privately-owned company in the United States. David and Charles Koch […]


MMA BATTLE ON PAY-PER-VIEW By Walker Holmes Fresh from taking on Gov. Rick Scott, County Commissioner Grover Robinson and three federal judges, Sheriff David Morgan has challenged the embattled dictator of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi, to a Mixed Martial Arts duel to be fought April 1 outdoors on Pensacola Beach. With all eyes on Libya and […]