News of the Weird 12/20/18

By the Editors at Andrews McMeel Giving Up the Ghost In January, Amanda Sparrow Large, 46, of Belfast, Ireland, stretched the May-December union to new lengths when she wed a 300-year-old ghost of a Haitian pirate. “I wanted the big traditional wedding with the white dress. It was very important to me,” she told the […]

News of the Weird 12/6/18

By the Editors at Andrews McMeel Wait, What? Akihiko Kondo, 35, of Tokyo, spent $18,000 on a Nov. 4 wedding ceremony to marry the love of his life, Hatsune Miku—a computer-generated hologram with big eyes and long, turquoise hair. Kondo told Reuters he found Hatsune Miku, who has thousands of fans around the world, singing […]

News of the Weird 11/22/18

By the Editors at Andrews McMeel Bright Idea Another birthday staring you down? Perhaps you can follow the lead of a man in the Netherlands who has launched a legal battle in the town of Arnhem to change his age from 69 to 49. “(Y)ou can change your name and change your gender,” Emile Ratelband […]

News of the Weird 9/20/18

By the Editors at Andrews McMeel New World Order Kimberel Eventide, 36, believes her purpose here on Earth is to help other humans become elves, just like herself. A resident of Illinois, Eventide identifies as a Pleiadian Starseed, an Otherkin who first realized she was an elf after reading and watching the “Lord of the […]

News of the Weird 9/6/18

By the Editors at Andrews McMeel Unusual Hobby Social media have given us the dubious opportunity to document all manner of celebratory, mournful, hilarious and contemplative events. And so they have opened the door to fame for “Paul Flart” (real name: Doug), a 31-year-old hospital security guard who took to Instagram in March to share […]