Outtakes—A Pivotal Day

By Rick Outzen Sept. 5, 2006, was a pivotal day for Pensacola. A city-wide referendum for the Community Maritime Park was on the ballot. Here is an abbreviated version of the column I wrote to get out the vote: The Sept. 5 primary has special importance to the Pensacola Young Professionals and other under-40-year-olds in […]

Inweekly Turns 20: Part 2

2004-2009 Inweekly is celebrating our 20th anniversary this month. Rather than attempting to cram two decades of highlights into one week, we’ve decided to break it up and use all four July issues to cover the key moments from each five years of our history. Last week, we covered our tumultuous first five years and […]

The Buzz 9/20/18

Gonzalez’s Appeal Rejected The Florida Supreme Court last Thursday unanimously turned down an appeal of Leonard Patrick Gonzalez Jr., who was convicted of first-degree murder in the slayings of Byrd and Melanie Billings in July 2009. The home-invasion robbery drew international attention. Gonzalez and four other men entered the Beulah residence to steal a safe […]

Spendless Summer Part 2

Budget-Friendly Activities As promised, here’s part two of our Spendless Summer series. From movies to music to museums, it’s a collection of thrifty reasons to get out of the house this summer. We hope you find something new to get excited about (or at least get reminded to revisit an old favorite like Bands on […]

Outtakes—Pick a Deal

By Rick Outzen Pretend you are the mayor of Pensacola. You are presented two real estate deals. Which deal would you choose to support? Deal A calls for construction of a $9.4-million building and provides another $9.4 million to operate the facility for five years. The government agency would pay $50 a year to lease […]