Paddling Pursuits

By Jeremy Morrison The Pensacola area—with its abundance of bays and bayous, rivers and creeks—offers bountiful aquatic avenues. These avenues are ripe for exploration and enjoyment, particularly by participants of paddle sports of all sorts. Kayaks and canoes have long navigated local waterways, and the city of Pensacola is hoping to soon capitalize on this […]

The Buzz – 12/12/19

Gun Task Force A collective of local, state and federal law enforcement agencies have been working together for the past three months in an effort to address the issue of gun violence in the Pensacola area. As a result of the partnerships, more than 100 arrests have been made both in the immediate area as […]

How to Have Affordable Housing

By Jeremy Morrison As they do every so often, officials with the city of Pensacola and Escambia County held a joint meeting this month to discuss issues of common interest. “It is always important and a great opportunity for all entities and stakeholders to get together and discuss the business of our city and our […]

The Buzz – 12/5/19

Turtle Talk Turtles are plentiful in the Florida panhandle, and there are folks who still consider them to be a tasty meal—even protected varieties of turtles, such as the gopher tortoise. “Most of ’em are the old-timers who were around during the depression,” said Rick O’Connor. “They called ’em Hoover’s chicken.” Sea turtles, too, can […]

Obstacles to Opportunity

By Jeremy Morrison The American dream can remain elusive for individuals residing anywhere within the nation’s population tapestry. Still, there is one demographic subset that faces a particularly steep climb to the summit—African American males. The statistic is nothing new. Statistics and studies have long triggered alarm bells. “It’s something people know has always been […]

The Art of Education

By Jeremy Morrison It’s about halfway through the school year, and things appear to be humming along nicely at A. A. Dixon School of Arts and Sciences in Pensacola. “It’s amazing and interesting and ‘Oh, my gosh’ all at the same time,” said Dr. Donna Curry, the school’s executive director. Curry’s voice is full of […]