2019 Gift Guide

Local makers. Books. Seasonal sweets. These are a few of our favorite things. And because we love to give these particular types of gifts almost as much as we love to receive them, we decided that’s how we’d organize our annual Gift Guide this time around. So we’ve got a page dedicated to page-turners, including […]

2019 Winners & Losers

Over the past two decades, the “Winners & Losers” column has been the first article scanned by many of our readers. In the beginning, the very thought of choosing winners and losers every week set us apart from other media outlets, which is why we did it. Politicians loved and feared the column, while readers […]

Let’s Hangout: A Holiday Event Roundup

By Savannah Evanoff Put down the hot chocolate, and don’t Netflix just because it’s chill(y). December is arguably the most festive month of the year, and Pensacola has sleigh loads of events to celebrate. So, we put together a guide to help you plan your holiday fun. We highlighted a few things for adults, a […]

Charter School Hustle

—Who made Money on McReynolds School Sale By Rick Outzen and Jeremy Morrison Teaching is seen by many as a dedicated profession whose motive is not profit. However, charter schools in Florida have been very profitable for some. A highly critical report released last year from Integrity Florida outlined a number of issues haunting the […]

Never Enough Cursive

By Savannah Evanoff If it’s not broke, break it. At least this is Cursive frontman Tim Kasher’s approach while songwriting—making what was once pretty, ugly; once traditional, different and maybe once unidentifiable, a little more Cursive. “I’m part of the ilk of writers who have a tendency to muck things up at the end of […]

Foo Foo Festival 2019

By Jennifer Leigh In case you’re new to these parts or just need a refresher, Foo Foo Fest is a 12-day celebration of arts and culture that happens every fall in Pensacola. There is literally something for everyone and anyone. Some of the events are generously funded through grants by Art, Culture, Entertainment, Inc. (ACE)—which […]